:( either Google's broke, or there've never been an image related to prancing snakes... :(

Way to ruin the fun, oalee! ;)



I'm sorry to interrupt your game everyone. However, I'm a bit confused. If the next picture is "prancing snakes" doesn't that mean that you have to do a google images search for "prancing snakes" and then choose your favorite picture among the results? According to Catweazle, I'm confused what he means by getting creative with your Google search terms? And how did you find that picture, Catweazle? Again, I apologize for interrupting. I just want to be straight on the rules so I can join in.


Simply put, Dani, the next image needs to 'fit' with what's been asked for.

Sometimes, simpling using the request as a Search criteria will bring an immediate result. But if the term doesn't generate a Google 'hit', it's time to exercise your search skills!

For 'prancing snakes', which didn't generate a single 'hit', I had to get creative, and use search criteria which would generate a suitable image. 'Dancing' found me an image of snakes rearing up and strutting their stuff - "Prancing"!

Now see how well you can use search criteria to generate an image of a Cat 'riding a dog'!


Edit: It's not 'cheating' by the way. The game is all about using Searches well ;)

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