Google has owned Urchin for some time now, but they finally got around to releasing a new version ala Google Accounts.

Has anyone had any experience with ??

I'm going to sign up for it now ...

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I installed it yesterday and am waiting for the data to be processed. The screenies look awesome though. Can't wait to get my hands on the real data. :)

me 2 bet it will be good!

Well it's been "collecting data" for two days now. What gives?

Same here. It's been collecting and waiting for data. :(

Finally got my data :) Looks awesome. It completely underreports compared to server log Urchin though. I am assuming this is a combination of not tracking bots and spiders, not tracking my RSS feeds, and not tracking those without JavaScript-enabled browsers.

It seems that everythign is in beta stage so expecting instant results may not be practical.In sue coarse of time it will become Polished.

I wonder that whether for multiple websites it can be used or not from the same Google account

Right now, you can create multiple website profiles from one account. In addition, you can hook multiple accounts up to one profile. It's quite flexible.

I signed up and added my site. Added the code into my header tags but when I use the check status button it tells me it cant fine the code. Mailed them but havent had a reply from them yet.

Had anybody had this problem?

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