I bought a video capture card a couple of months ago with the intention of creating high quolity images with it. Unfortuantly at the time I didn't riles that I need a fast hardrive to be able to copy with the DV quolity. I would be happy with half DV quolity.

http://www.squarehybrid.com/media/images/kingdom_hearts/001.jpg This image has not been compressed or reduced in size in anyway

I am not really after a video files I am after the images so I was wondering if anyone know of any software which would take a frame every so often and save it is a high quolity JPEG file. Or even to be able to configure what I have on my PC now to make a better quolity frames just having fewer of them.

The software that came with the card is called "Studio 8" (I think).
So you know I am on Windows XP.

Thank-you in advance!

I don't understand how to use fraps what exactly do you do with it? It seems not to do anything nere what I want it to do...

VirtualDub is better but I still have to recod the video before I can take the images.

I think I now understand what you think I think I mean.

The software I have been offered (and can use) only supports what is running on my machine and wont do what I require. I am trying to generate images from a Games Consal (the PS2 in this case) with the video it generates coming in through the Video Capture Card.

I want a program that takes a set number of frames a second and saves each from as an image (preferibly JPEG or PNG).

Sorry if my first post wasn't very clear, I hope this has cleared it up though.

If you are a Windows XP user, have you downloaded Windows Moviemaker 2 from the Windows Update site? (It's an upgrade to the version originally included in Windows XP).

That program does exactly what you describe, and you should find it on your programs menu under Accessories -> Entertainment.

No I haven't, thank-you for the tip

Just remember that nothing whatsoever can take images of higher quality than the source coming into the system. Your games image quality is limited to the output of the PS2, and that's probably TV quality not PC monitor quality.