i m not sure whether this is the place to start this thread. any way, i m quite interested in databases and learning mysql on my own with the helps of online tutorials and forums like this. i would like to know from people who are professional database developers/administrators etc with mysql and/or oracle database experience behind them. i would like to know:

1. how they started their database career

2. what IT qualifications/database certifications they have

3. how they learn it

4. how the future for database professionals look like

5. any tips/advice they would like to give to budding database learners or future database professionals/students in terms of how they should study databases using books/online tutorials etc.


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For most people they look at me and they say oh dam kido hes not working hes just waking up late and sleeping in his bed all the time. Well while im at it hhehe i like to learn programming languages im not in a carreer or not finished yet, i havent finished my baccaulereate but i got one certificate from the IB (International Baccaulereate) school at programming. I know prograamming languages, working with databases, computer hardware, a little about marketing and learned all by curiousity.
I dont know how would database professionals will look like, well look at me you can find me on the streets and say "ohh! look at that kid hes just wasting his time while he must be working now!", but you never know the person you have in front right. Most people know me here at Monterrey City because of my programming skills even if i dont know them but my mom looks at me as a student that should be working instead of "wasting his time" while wasting my time is learning or programming. So its being hard times for me since i like to program and that "wastes my time".
My advine to people who would like to start is look for online tutorials or books and try the examples or ask professionals for questions or explanations, but never expect someone would teach you programming by some kind of magic, because it is something i think it cant be learned teaching as it is better to learn it by yourself, by the wonderful art of curiousity.

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