Boy oh boy what a Monster Digg is.

Needless to say my server choked. I was also on the mainpage of Reddit.com as well at the same time so the amount of traffic I was receiving was insane. Google Analytics tracked 13,000+ uniques for the whole day and 3k+ came within one hour :taz:

The amount of backlinks I have received from other sites, forums, blogs is insane.

This is the thread that made it: http://www.mustangevolution.com/forum/t25030

If you look at the bottom you can see how many sites are linking to that thread right now.

I am looking at upgrading to a "digg compatible" server right now. The one I have now just can't handle that many connections at once from all those sites.

See the attachment for the stats.

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I hit the Digg mainpage with a blog entry here last month and had over 21,000 views - as you say, totally insane.

Digg has been a bit flaky yesterday and today though, the new UI upgrade seems to be taking it out of action for long periods.


Well yesterday I had 13k uniques and today I have already broke that. At 7AM today I had 12k uniques.

It's been a crazy last few days

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