My name is Axell Concepcion, I'm 47, married with two dependants. I'm a computer repair tech. Í work with the Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency as Radio Operator, I'm a volunteer fire fighter, I have two non profit org. Volunteer Emergency Services, Inc. & Fire Fighting Pro, (sad to say) we don't have help or support of the governmentor or any private company or institution, what we do come from our pockets, we aslo redonate equipment, for example computers to low income citizens from 6 to 21 years old.
By the way.. if any friend wants to donate we don't accept money, our request is for equipment fire fighting equipment, computers, electronic equipment, communication radios, vehicles, office equipment, etc.
Primavera A-24 Castillo, Mayaguez, PR 00680
PO Box 1478, Hormigueros, PR 00660-5478

I want to make a OS, so I need help in this project, if this become a reality I will share my "luck", not like others, you know them.

Thanks again and looking forward hearing from all of you!!!
God bless you all!!!

Hi Axell, welcome to DaniWeb. Good luck with the firefighting!