I have a DSL Internet connection and caller ID on my phone line. Is there a software or someway to have the caller ID show on my computer when a call comes in?
Btw I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this.

I do not know. Most DSL lines run through a decoder or something like that. And, it would be an ethernet connection most of the time, and that is not a phone line. Your best bet would be to get a phoneline from your phone jack to your PC, and then use some type of software from there. The only downside, would be, that the most you could get would be a phone number, unless you had caller id on your phoneline.

As other have already mentioned DSL lines do connect to the phone and the phone line can support the AIN (Caller ID).

Here is a free application for caller ID on the PC : http://dink.no-ip.info/Blog/post/RadPop-Free-Caller-ID-and-Web-Monitor-windows-application.aspx

This application does not use TAPI but hits the modem hardware directly. If you have problems using other caller ID software on your computer it is likely that the software is using TAPI.

A click once delpoy of the application is here: http://dink.no-ip.info/RadPop/publish.htm

Click Once might to only work in Internet Explore. But if this application ever gets upgraded the new files are sent to you without any intervention by you.

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