I'm Sean... a Semi Professional Musician and Management Information Technology student (former Computer Science) :confused: hehe!!

right now I am on my 3rd year as MIT, and currently working on
a SAD project about TPS (on VB/Access) and a Tax processing
system on C... i've really searched for a website that could help
me out on programming and i'm glad i found your site...

hope we could exchange information... pls. i'm not really goodat programming so i hope you can be patient with me hehe!!:lol:

God Bless!

Hey there Sean.

Glad to have you here, and we'd love to help you with your programming problems. I'm a C/C++ programmer, so maybe I'll see you in the programming forums.

Note: if you post code, please wrap them in between [code] and [/code] tags. Thanks!

Hi Sean, I'm guessing you are a drummer, right? :)

What kind of music do you play?

ei hello again guys... its a busy week for me, just had the time to log
in and type a short post :-)

yup... i'm a drummer and hoped to have just stick with music and
not dive into the world of Computers... but, YEAH i like both worlds...
MUSIC & TECHNOLOGY go well together...

i'm hoping to visit the C/C++ threads and ask for assistance
regarding my C project... see you there... thanks :-)

... ooh i forgot... I play drums for showbands (cover) and also into
fusion music (Colaiuta, Weckl & Donati) stuff...

Hi :) Welcome to <Daniweb> .

Matty D