Hey all,

I have a ViewSonic E90FMB 19" CRT monitor w/flat screen. I've used it a lot for about 2 straight years. I now have a lap top and the monitor is sitting in my bedroom doing nothing. Still has great picture. I am wanting to get rid of it and get it out of my way. :mrgreen:

I payed ~$240 but now Froogle has them from ~$220:


My Price: $99.95 +sh (the title is wrong, sorry)
(shipping ~$40)

Here is a picture of it:



Edit: When powered on after sitting around for a number of weeks, the monitor takes a few boots to get back to where it should be. After it is connected to a PC that is used often it is fine. For some reason it's just when I let it sit and power it back up. The screen goes blank for a few boots, but then clears up and stays cleared up until turned off for a number of weeks again.

Monitor is still for sell. Send me a PM.

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