I have to write a essay on comparing security measures that companies use. I have to compare OUTSOURCING to SUBSTANDARD INTERNAL SECURITY.

The problem is, that i dont really know what is meant by internal security? When I google, I get things like the internal security of a a country and i cant find appropriate things that deal with the topic of my essay. :sad:

Can you please tell me what internal security is, so that i can be able to reasearch it in a better way in google.

Well Internal security is where say you have alot of employees and they are given access to the companies server from there workstations.and say this is a big company dealing in big bucks.now alot of companies what they do is they will store and backup critical data and data on the server.the data on the server they don't want everyone to have access to so they set restrictions,some employees has more access than others.kind of like a security clearance.

Also In the computer industry, refers to techniques for ensuring that data stored in a computer cannot be read or compromised by any individuals without authorization. Most security measures involve data encryption and passwords. Data encryption is the translation of data into a form that is unintelligible without a deciphering mechanism. A password is a secret word or phrase that gives a user access to a particular program or system.

oh ok, I understand now, thanks buddy!