Hi, I am new to the forums (although I have posted once before and i have looked around) and I thought I should introduce myself.

My name is Sophie, I'm 14 and from England.

I have been programming for a while (since I was 10) and I am working on my first C++ game, using OpenGL and C++ (it is like a 3D asteroids). I have built a Pac Man Clone, Asteroids clone and tetris clone in Python with PyGame.

My first proper language with C# (I messed around with Prolog at school) but I haven't really looked at building games with it, but I did build a little instant messanger (it was very basic :cheesy:) and that was really fun.

I want to build some useful programs with C# (so if any of you have any ideas for programs that are good to learn from...) as I want to use it to build my A level project ( I may aswell get the practise in now :)).

I teach a basic programming class at school, I teach them using the Phrogram language.

I am trying to get a site up so I can put my projects on it ( I can show my teacher that way, and be able to work on my projects at school) and I will put a link in my signature if you want to take a look at the stuff (I will get that up asap)

I am on the National Gifted and Talented register, and I might be going on a summer school to do 2 weeks of robotics at Imperial College London in the summer.

Well, that has just used up a load of my lunch break!



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Hey Sophie,

Very cool that you are using Phrogram to teach programming. OK, I'll fess up, I'm on the Phrogram team, and we are trolling a bit to see where we might be getting some interest and support. Lots going on over at our site (phrogram.com, natch), for anyone intrigued by our tagline: it's real programming, it's just more fun.



Welcome to the forum :)

Is Phrogram actually powerful enough to do major applications?


Welcome to the forum :)

Is Phrogram actually powerful enough to do major applications?

Absolutely. If by "major," you're talking 3D environments, multi-player games ... etc. (the Phrogram Talk add-in library that lets you chat and play a game over a data network is not quite out yet ... will be in less than a month). It's not designed to create forms though. We focus on visual, fun, educational apps, not productivity apps - although one user did create a simple paint program using Phrogram. Lots of sample programs in the forums, although they need to be better organized (still working on that!).

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