if anyone could help me solve why sometimes my computer restarts even though i preesed the shut down button.

it is quite a shock to find your computer on hours later because it restarted itself when you told it to shutdown.

any help apreciated

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>sometimes my computer restarts even though i preesed the shut down button.
Faulty power supply or some motherboard problem? I really have no idea.

Use the Start - turn off computer - turn off instead of pushing the power button to turn off.if you do use the power button hold it in a few seconds till you hear it completely shut down.also they say turning one off with the power button can mess up the OS and stuff i haven't had that happen.

thanks guys

3rd Attempt (Success!!)

Problem recognized: Wake on LAN

Right click "My Computer"
Select "Properties"
Go to "Hardware Device"
Click "Device Manager"
Select "Network Adapters"
Select "Marvell Yukon .....PCI-Fast Ethernet Controller--> right click ---properties--->power management-->deselect "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"--->Go to "Advanced" tab--->put value off for "Wake from shut down" --->value none for "Wake up capabilities"
press OK

If this doesn't work then check your BIOS

Restart ---> press F2---> go to "Main" tab --->Network boot [Disable] --- Save

Some time even if any of the browser is not closed ...then this type of problem arises. Make sure that before turn off the system all the browsers are closed and deleted all the history.

just do 1 thing format ur C: drive than re-install everything properly

I get the feeling that you just press "enter" after pressing "shut down" without checking to see what is written on the "shut down" line. Check to see that it doesn't display "restart".
It may take a moment to check what's there, but impatience can often lead to such frustrations.
The fact that the previous time you shut down it was "final" doesn't mean it will stay that way. For example, if Microsoft is set for automatic updating, it will also automatically change the "shut down" option to install new updates and could also re-start your computer on its own.

Another common cause of reboots during shutdown are minor hardware incompatibilities. Unfortunately, I can’t possibly tell you every piece of hardware out there that’s known to cause reboot problems. What I can tell you though is that peripheral devices are especially notorious for causing the problems.

i am oufa
check for battery of your bios in case
take it and change it 4 another one or by hand watch one.i hope this helps u.bye

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