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I think This kind of questions have been asked many times, and sure i went thru those answers posted by the perfect chaps on this forum. But my query is very simple.

I am planning to start a four staff (myself included) computer service, Network implementation/troubleshooting, and software sales (i will not develop any at this stage, i do only branded/licenced software). I will not have any clients in india for first 6-12 months. My first contract is outside the country. My only chance of winning the contract is being an Indian Compnay who can sign a legal contract to provice technical support service for PCs and Networks. what is the cheapest and best way to form an enstablishment.? SSI or PVt Ltd.?

I do not have an office in india. I do not have a home in india. But i do have permanet address and family house. What is the best way to incorporate this.

End-of the day, all what i want do is, recieve foreign money trasnfer to my business bank account, pay my staff their salaries form the same account. same time, having a legal status which allows me to sign such support contract deals.

Kindly Support me to resolve this issue.


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Yes, this is one of the common queries among investors who are looking at oportunities in investing in India.

In your case a private limited company will be the best option to go forward. You may also obtain registration from the Software Technology Parks of India (“STPI”) and upon satisfaction of the requirements of the STPI, the profits earned by the company may be exempted from tax liability up till March 2009.

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