Hey everyone!

My name is Brad and I am from Ohio, USA. I am currently promoting Global Domains and my goal for 2007 is to stay 100% totally committed and focused to staying with ONE program. In the past I admit I have been an affiliate junkie and bounced from company to company. This has caused me much pain and so I have finally landed. It appears the strategy is working. I have six sign ups and growing! This last month I started using a system to follow up with my prospects because Global Domains only follows up with prospects for 14 days. In the Internet Marketing world you must stay in touch with people a lot longer than that if you are going to have success. The demographic states that it takes the average person 6 weeks to decide to join your business. Using myself as an example, I saw Global Domains 5 years ago and just joined a couple of months ago. If I had joined then I would be RETIRED by now. Oh well, I am making up that lost ground. Well I must go now but I look forward to this community and maybe I can learn something new. From the looks of things you guys may be way out of my league when it comes to computers but so far I like reading a lot of the posts!

Have a great day!

Brad :)

Hey there my friend, welcome to Daniweb :D

Hi Brad, welcome to the DaniWeb gang.