Need chip drivers - conflict on intergrated ethernet and video display
Win 98 OS Using dual boot xp pro - it works fine but Win98 has issues! ati 9800 pro video card

Thank you much

i875p ch5 dell dimension 8300

Performance/Mainstream Desktop Chipsets Comparison Chart

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Intel® 875P Chipset
Host 875P Chipset
Target Segment Mainstream PC
Processor Positioned Intel® Pentium® 4 processor
Processor mPGA478
Hyper-Threading Technology1 Optimized for HT Technology
System Bus 800/533 MHz
Max Memory 4 GB
Memory Modules 2 DIMMs/2 channel
Memory Type Dual-Channel:,
DDR 400/333/266
FSB/Memory Configurations 800/400,
Integrated Graphics Type N/A
External Graphics Interface AGP8X (1.5V)
PCI Support PCI 2.3
Storage Interface/Ports SATA 150/2
Storage Technology RAID w/ICH5R
Memory Controller Hub 82875P MCH
Supported Intel I/O Controller Intel® ICH5 / ICH5R
PCI Masters 6
USB Ports/Controllers 8 ports, USB 2.0
Audio AC’97/20-bit audio