Hi, I have been here quite a while and look over interesting things as time permits. I don't post much as I don't have the free time on a regular basis. I build and design microwave and satelite vehicles for network television. I get to many many news events along the way and deal with setting up edit systems based on pc's as well. With the transition to hd tv and digital gear more and more it gets to be quite a challenge to keep things running while building and planning for the next development. In broadcast the systems have to work first time every time with no delays or excusses and little if any backup available. When I pull up to a fast moving news story the video needs to be recorded on disc / transferred to a pc hard drive to edit / edited / and transformed to video again to be transmitted thru a microwave and stored and managed on a file server .. in another city. This can happen in five to seven minutes and be on your tv set..... That is what I do. Usual stories take hours... but that is the level that we need to be able to perform under fast news conditions.

I hope to say hi a bit more often and see what is up... thanks Scott

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Thanks much.... lots of smart and polite folks here... it is quite an excellent place ....

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