Hello all, I am not really good with computers, but nobody seems to be of any help for me. I decided to find a technical support website and ask my questions. My boyfriend bought our Lite-On CD Burner over a year ago and it was great, until a few months ago. When I try to burn a CD on Window's Media Player it says up in the corner "CD Burner Not Connected, Please Connect A Burner To Start The Burn Process". Problem is, our CD Burner is connected. He's tried removing it and replacing it again and it still says the same thing. I've had friends tell me that Lite-On Burners are a waste of money and they always mess up down the road, is this true? What can I do to fix my burner? Remember I am not 100% great with technical talk, so put it in smaller terms for me. :) Thank You!:rolleyes:

First try another ribbon cable on the drive if that doesn't work.Go to control panel then if in category view go to Performance and Maintenance - System - hardware - Device Manager if in Classic view System - Hardware - Device Manager and then click the + sign next to CD/DVD Rom Drives and see if it recognizes it.if it does try this go to IDE ATA/Atapi Controllers Click the + right click on the controller click properties then advance and make sure it is set to DMA not PIO.