G'day to all of you, I was a big supporter a few years back of the IRC craze...after using the last 7 years or so catching up on much needed sleep I managed to move from the Northern hemisphere of Canada to the other side of the world in Australia, somehow (in my IRC daze) I managed to meet the woman of my dreams (so she says ;) ), get married and get myself back on track. I have always been a fan of computers but never gave them the respect they so deserve. I just used them as a crash and burn tool never knowing anything about them ie. terminologies, jargon, how they worked...so far the only function has been chat and euchre with ppl from around the world. Now that I have used them for a couple of years in the business world I have joined an IT program and actually started learning something. I hope I am able to gain some knowledge, and, in time provide some. I look forward to crossing some paths of you all along the way and appreciate the way you supporters make the craft so easy to understand, or at least try to make it easy to understand :p ....see ya' 'round.

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