This site is the best. I hope I lose my job so it can suit my new lifestyle :twisted:

P.S. Looking forward to reading what ya gotta say

Not sure I fully understand what you are saying lol.

He's saying he loves this forum and would give away his arms and legs for it. Dedicated guy, I gotta say.

and he's had 4 posts? Very dedicated lol

Hehe! Glad you're enjoyin' yourself. So you're gonna quit your job and browse the site all day? That sounds like fun ... er, wait, I do that already ;)

Yeah... we can't all be cool and have a job that lets me browse this forum all day... :D

I meant I'd like to be dedicated to this forum because it has so much great stuff, but then I also hate my job. I wanna lose it, but then I have to pay all bills... go figure.

whats your work?

Hehe...I do browse this forum all day.
As I get tired of coding, I browse the forum.
Wait... only during my office hour :) , and that's 9-5. ;)

Hey I'm new to this forum but I would not give up anything, no matter how good it might be

Yes, surely this site is worth doing things like you wish to do .... I love the java section ...