Hi all,

I'm about to decide on which audio program is the best.

Audio Generator or Instant Audio.

Anyone want to give me their opinion or recommend another one?


Michelle :)

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Ok, this looks like this is for music, CDs & mixing.

I'm looking for audio for my site.

Thanks :)


Hi Eddie,

Wow, another spiritually conscious person on here. You are a first that I've seen LOL Love the music btw. Wish it was a little less fast so I could buy it for my nighttime sleeping, but it's nice to listen to while working.

Does that artist have any slower songs? You can PM me if you wish.

See the 2 aduio programs I mentioned in my original post? Those are the types of things I am looking at. I just didn't know which one to go with or if there were others that were better, did different things etc.

Not sure if they are written in DHTML as I'm still not sure what DHTML is. I'm still learning what XHTML is LOL

Thanks & sweet dreams


My understanding of these programs is that they are for voice audio, which is different to playing music audio as music requires a higher bitrate, otherwise the quality quickly dissipates.

Most people would embed music files on the web pages, eg use flash to handle the music. There are some free flash music players over at http://www.flashkit.com/ that may come in handy.

I dont use them myself, but many others do.


are there any free audio players

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