hi guys,

had a delivery at work earlier in the week, 3 of the new samsung blu-ray players, i tried it with a belin pure-av hdmi cable and a 42" HD LCD widescreen and the picture was amazing, it can also up-scale current dvds into near blu-ray quality - and the cost of all this technoism? a mere £999.99!!!!!

dazza :cool:

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When you say all this technoism do you mean like every thing you mentioned or just the blu-ray player. I really have to get my hands on one of those blu-rays.

no mate thats just the blue-ray player, i have 3 in stock, not sure about other branches, but yeah £999.99 for samsung blu-ray player with 2 blu-ray titles included

dazza :cool:

I'll take it!!!

Not really, sorry. I really want a writer for my pc but that will cost a fortune for about the next 5 years. It is a shame that hddvd ever came out.

Way too expensive for my tastes. Besides I must be blind or something I think because I watched a demo at a local electronics shop of a blu-ray movie and normal dvd upscaled to hd playing simultaneously using same hdmi cables and same 52" plasma high def tv. I did not see hardly any difference between the two both running at 1080i. Admittedly at 720p the blu-ray was slightly more noticeably different. But not enough that I'm going to buy the more than $1000 dollar blu-ray player when the HD upscalable dvd player was less than $100. It will be a long time before either blu-ray or HD-DVD is going to take over the DVD market.

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