When I use my PC with my Windows 2000 roaming profile, I can access Outlook 2000 without any problems. I am in the administrator group and origionally installed Outlook on the machine under the PC's administrator password.

However, when anybody else logs on to that machine they cannot access Outlook as it requests a user name, domain and password and using their password, adnmin password or my password are all met with incorrect credentials error.

At first I though this to be a windows protected store issue, but it only happens on Outlook 2000. I have also checked profiles and all users were loaded with Local profiles, infact their normal profile did not appear to have been read from the Domain Controller server.

I either have a profiles problem or a Outlook 2000 problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I'm pretty sure its an Outlook problem because like you said it only happens with that program. I'd suggest going to Office Update (http://office.microsoft.com) and download the latest service pack. Good luck mate :)

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