Hey all. I'm thinking of modding my case, but I have a problem: easily the site with the greatest choice (and the nicest interface) I have found is this: www.crazypc.com. It has some really cool stuff there. However, it's based in the US, so there'll be customs charges.

So here's the problem: the dollar is to the American as the pound is to the Brit, but, with todays exchange rates, the pound sterling is worth just over 2 dollars. So does anyone know what the customs charges actually are? I can't find them anywhere, and I need to find if the customs charges will significantly outweigh the exchange rate.

The other thing, does anyone have any ideas/anything I should know about case modding?

I have it all planned out: get a new side panel from Antec, stick a window in it, replace the current fan with a blue LED fan, get some blue LED feet, and put some purple cold cathode strips in the case. This means that if I switch back to the un-windowed side panel and switch everything off, my case becomes just a normal, sleek, Antec Solo, but if I put the windowed side panel on and switch everything on, it looks completely different. So I can switch between the two at will.

Thanks in advance,
DG :)

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Just be careful of those generic 'all the flashing lights, bells & whistles' case fans that tend to give out after about 6 months use!

I realise you want to make the antec look good, but you have some very nice internals in there (going by your rig specs) that you want to keep the temps down on!

I replaced my 80mm flashing LED fans that started making horrible noises, with Thermaltake 120mm's and managed to drop my CPU temps down from 55 cel to 40 cel! (overclocked).

They dont look as good though.....doh! :pretty:


Yeah I'll think about that. Thanks :) I'll probably be getting the Antec Tricool 120mm LED fan (I'm currently running an Antec Tricool anyway) and I'll keep my current fan, so if the LED one isn't very good, I can always use this one.

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