Just wondering, mines set to "go to sleep" when you close the lid.

Whenever my brother shuts it down (start > shutdown > turn off) he closes the lid straight away, would this mess with the shut down?

I always leave the lid up, just to make sure it goes off. But does it make any difference?

Also, his uni lecturer apparently always wiggles (violently) the monitor/screen of the laptop when he turns it on. I almost freaked when i saw brother doing this to mine. Surely it's not good for it?

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Control panel -> power -> advanced tab

You can change what it does when you close the lid - e.g change it from sleep to shut down.

And no, violently wiggling the screen is bad. Laptops break easialy.

thank you. and i don't want to change what it does, i want it to sleep when i shut the lid. Just if you tell it to shut down first would one command interfer with another?

Hmm. Not too sure. I dont think so though.

you could just hold the power button for a hardware shutdown...

But thats bad for your PC.

im dubious. Every one has told me that but what is actually the Harm? Ok lets say that you umount your FS BEFORE you shutdown. Now what happens to your computer? And with NTFS and Ext3 its fast becoming irrevlevent.

>But thats bad for your PC.
It's potentially bad for the data on your hard disk. It's not at all bad for the actual hardware that makes up the computer, however.

Unless the disk head physically slams into the platter at 7500 rpm?

So what if you umount before?

Then you are ok

But you cant unmount a drive in windows which is what the OP uses therefore its a good idea IMHO to power of properley.

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