I had a problem last friday. I was able to connect to internet I have dailup I live in cow crountry. Any way I called my service they walked me threw a few things even in Dos to reset something and still didn't work So I had to waste time and bring my computer to my Tech and he said he uninstalled IE7 and Google earth but I didn't see why that made a proble I had these items on my computer for a number of months. While he had my computer he up dated my Bitdefeder to the newer version and let me tell you it has been giving me probles.

I re-installed IE7 because my computer acted faster with it.

So why would this happen like this out of the blue?

Another Question when I get my computer back from this teck\h he changes things like when I trune on computer it wouldn't display the welcom in XP went right to Desktop I like it that way but now it show the welcome.

How can I get rid of this option

Thanks I hope this wasn't to long


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have you tried?

ping www.google.com

does it work? If so then try using another web browser..firefox, opera, lynx, and links are good choices

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