Hi Everybody here,
I am a Final year student of Computer Science and Engineering.
Bumped onto your site while finding a simple solution. I was googling for a comprehensive guide to generating Random numbers when i saw the link to your forum.
Thanks To BOB i felt that I must become member of this wonderfull community of smart people.
Now comes the part where I had to decide on a decidedly geeky name .lol.
The IDE I really liked for developing C++ programs was Code::Blocks .
And it came bundled with MiniGW compiler. I used it for quite sometime, and my project was really aided by this nice utility.
So to pay respect to the community responsible for developing miniGw ..I chose the name "minigweek" .
Hoping to have a nice and fullfilling stay here. I browsed around the forum, and found ppl very friendly and understanding here.
Signing off...
Dani and the team is doing really gr8 here! Thanks!

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Welcome to Daniweb, MiniGWeek. Glad you have found us to be so useful already, as you have discovered we really are one heck of a helpful (not so little) community.


Thanks :D for such a warm welcome..
yes you people are one heck of a helping community. :D

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