A Cautionary Note:

The Psychopathy Checklist is a complex clinical tool for professional use... Do not use these symptoms to diagnose yourself or others. A diagnosis requires explicit training and access to the formal scoring manual.

Also, be aware that people who are not psychopaths may have some of the symptoms described here. Many people are impulsive, or glib, or cold, or unfeeling, or antisocial, but this does not mean they are psychopaths.

From Without Conscience. The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us. by Robert D. Hare

You are being wierd alpha&omega your just lying

5 hands and two fingers, translated to .. 27. Not a psycho tho, I just live a thug life

lets just say I was to be in the scoring 35 and may need help catagory what is it I would do about that.. Hypothetically

I scored a 35. I already knew that I was a socio/psychopath. Haven't been diagnosed but I'm very conscious of things going on in my head and why they would be the way that they are.

Well, I got a 37. I'm not very surprised, as I'm already sure I'm a psychopath, although I have not been diagnosed yet.

30 bitches physcopathy confirmed

It would be interesting to know how many of these high scores are influenced by our current culture of heroification of many traits associated with psychopathy - economist exhault the benefits of greed, celebrity culture celebrates narcissism and dishonesty, TV & movies have a fascination with the ruthless anti-hero, and internet/gaming-culture embraces impulsivity.

i got 32.. haha :))