I just read an interesting article on examiner.com about a local comic book store in San Fran that uses online and offline social activities, in support of one another, to build and grow the business

Here is the link...http://bit.ly/1mK0Sa

It is an interesting concept of using the traditional offline social events (instore demos, social events, sponsoring local events) to drive people to the social media, thus creating a local online community, and then using the social media to cement the loyalty and interest in your business. Is there anyone working with business focused on a small, local geographic area who would consider trying a similar tactic? Or maybe you are already and you have results to share.

Yes, one example is Silver Star Arts Studio - an arts/creative representation company based in DC which have used combination of offline and online tactics to drive business. Disclaimer: I am not connected with Silver Star but I went to one of their exhibits some time ago and have seen the company grow alot in the past few years.

In the current economic climate this could be a strategy for local businesses could use to get them through the storm and come out stronger.

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