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When I turn on my computer it goes thru all the standard start up procedures until I get this screen that says that Windows was not shut down properly and it gives me several options to try to boot up...but to no avail... I tried to start in safe mode, etc....it jsut keeps going thru the start up process unsuccessfuly...I have also tried reading some of the material on here..but not quite sure what to do..I am not near the machine...had to come to tje local library to search for answers....HELP!


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Welcome, and I hope you get your help
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what is ur machine spec?
also have you had any viruses/spyware recently?

(by the way, welcome! ~ and you should actualy post this thread in the 'Tech Talk' forum area, your new people will understand)


ok..I'll go post there instead...but to answer your ??...I have not used the machine in some time...was using a diff one for over a year...but I do believe that it did have a virus on it that I had not removed


The virus may be the source of your trouble. It has probably infected your hard-drive, so get someone professional to deal with it, or try yourself to delete it, it may be too late to save it though........


hey welcome to daniweb. Well to delete the Virus you have to first boot in. If your not able to do that then its better if your format your disk.

And some one please move this thread to the Tech Talk forum before everybody starts posting queries here.

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