Please forgive me if this is not the right place to ask this question, but could not find any other forum, so posting it here. Apolozies in advance.

I have a friend who is an IT graduate who likes to talk and just talk. He is quite good at communication and often tells me that he wants to work as a consultant for an IT company where there is a lot of talking required rather doing coding or other technical things. When I searched on some job sites I came across that various types of consultancy jobs. For example this one on monster.co.uk site





It lists a lot of jobs for something called SAP Consultant. As far as I know SAP is an ERP package and that is all I am aware of. Is there any other ERP/CRM etc. kind of packages in the market that require these kind of consultants to sell them. What qualities one needs to become a consultant? If any body is experienced/professinal ERP/CRM consultant then I would like to hear from him/her. Thanks.

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It is always rocking globally and will continue this way for several years to come. I personally know a lot of people with the necessary funds and infrastructure who are very much interested in starting a new IT venture but lack the requisite idea of how to go about this. Here IT consultant play a vital role hence is always in demand.


Unfortunately there are already too many non-technical talkers in the IT industry.

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