My first! :-O :icon_smile:

Suck at it, but what the hell, everyone's gotta start somewhere!

Anyone here play?

Nope.. A lot of people bought guitars around 16-17 here.. idk why.. it seems like a fad

Hehe,I've wanted one since i was about 12, always afraid of wasting my parents money.

lol... why ever would you fear such a thing ;)

My mate is an utter leg at playing guitar! :)
He is awesome and the same age as me! :P

I can't play any instrument.. unless you count the recorder from elementary lol.. Well, I guess I can half-way play the Baritone.

i can play the Harmonica! :) :P

yeah,I do. My first was acheap $100 guitar that had all of the strings out of pitch and they would always pop. I go to my friends house and play stairway to heaven.(lol)He plays some double-neck one.He has one with the zack wylde mesmerize on it.

Cool. Alot of guitar peeps here.

Anyone want to help me tune it? See i bought an electric tuner so it would be easy. Well apparently "low E" is a pretty high note, and B is pretty low.

Or maybe i'm deaf. :D

Standard: EADGBE
Dropped E: DADGBE

I forget open tuning and the others, but that's because I usually play standard and metal, so yeah.

i know which letters the notes are (well, the instructions on how to get started told me XD). Just not what they should sound like. I used the electric tuner to listen to the laptop - it picked the right notes. when it listens to my guitar (which sounds the same as the laptop to me) it says i'm way off.

BDGBEA apparently :S

Hey, if you want a song that tunes up your guitar (it has all the pitches) I can email it to you. It's from Guitarmaggeddon. It's very helpful. PM if you want me to send it to you.