iron man looks good it has the sabbath riff in the trailer

just saw Ang Lee's Lust Caution.. great film.. not for the conservative and squeamish though..

i just saw 30 days of night. immense

yes.. i expect it is.. because it is from a graphic novel..

movie critics have their top 10 movies lists already and i noticed that most of the lists include

1. Juno
2. No Country for Old Men
3. Into the Wild
4. In the Valley of Elah
5. Atonement

I dont know when those movies are going to be shown here in the Philippines.. they also screen great films late here...wish somebody from the Philippines is reading this..hehehe

Moulin Rouge x_x

Film works

It does?

Life-changing films:

- A thief in the night (entire series)

reviving this thread...

whats the last film that has the most impact in your life???

Ocean's Eleven for some reason really had me watching it over and over. Impact? no.

For me it was "I am Sam"

just saw
Sling Blade by Billy Bob Thorton
it was an amazing experience
beautiful film.. watch it guys....

maydhyam.. i cried so hard after watching i am sam...sean pean is great in that film

Running Scared

Two random movies I would have never thought much of, that have become favorites of mine.

I have been affected by some really old films like
Freaks <<"we will make you one of us" - then there is the scene where the guy with no arms or legs who roles and smokes his own cigarettes>>;
Metropolis <<especially now that they discovered an almost complete version in Argentina; The missing 70 minutes can be seen here>>;
THX1138 - nuff said;
Saragosa Manuscript <<we actually counted the levels and got to 9c - level 1, me and some guys walk into the theatre and watch a movie, level 2, 2 characters start to read a book and in the book - level 3, a character starts to tell a story and so on until the movie is 9 levels deep (with a couple of Roshoman-like stories). This has gotta be the wierdest movie I have ever seen - it usually plays with Salvador Dali's Andalusian Dog (for obvious reasons). All the parts of the movie are played by the same group of actors who play ancestors of or descendents of each other.

hi.. just reviving this thread...

some recent beatiful films i saw..

natural born killers
the kite runner
leaving las vegas
michael clayton
the shining...

The Dark Knight, another great movie.