Hi. I have a HP laseJet 4300 and a HP Laserjet 5M printers connected to our corporative network and their computers sometimes print their works normally and sometimes user have to make their print request twice. In this last case sometimes they isn't any network or OS response until the second request and then print oK and sometimes has an error message:

Error in <printer path/printer name> en <XXXX>: Cannot print, They are several causes for this error:

- Not enough memory
- If you are printing in a network. It's possible because a bad connection or bad print driver.
- Network computer cable damaged or network printer cable damaged

This error messge appears also the first one who I make a printorder. The second one works OMK normally.
This error appears in several applications. The first case is not possible; I try to reinstall printer driver in some computers without success. network cables are OK and network connection normally remains during the printing proccess. Most of user computers woks with Windows 2003 and both printers are connected at the same server who woks over Debian Linux
Could you help me please?. I hope an answer as soon as possible. Very thanks in advance. Best wishes

...I try to solved this Problem going to the Printer Advanced Properties and by activating a radio button about Printing Directly in The Printer and without using windows print queues (At respect of http://support.microsoft.com/kb/271901/en-us in the Method 4 related to the Event ID 45). This prove was succesful in both printers and it works perfect with HPLJ5M but in this case HPLJ4300 cannot scale printing with Word (cannot print in a 90% for example). What could you do to activate this features or to solve printing problems by another way.(the another 3 methods of the msn above page support are useful only if the server is W2k3 also; and our Server works with Debian 3.0). I was found some additional information about printing errors in the Windows Box; that is:

Error 1) Event ID 6161. I can't print the document.. and CODE WIN32 who returns Print Server can change (sometimes is 259, sometimes 1801 or 0). at respect of errors 0 and 259; I can find in microsoft support page URL:


Event ID 6161

This problem occurs because the error that the underlying component reported was overwritten. Therefore, only the last error was reported. For example, the following Win32 error codes may have been reported:


This error code means that the operation completed successfully. You receive this error code when an underlying component such as graphics device interface (GDI) returns a failure but does not set the last error.


This error code means that no more data is available. You may receive this error code if a program or a printer driver component sends an incomplete spool file to the print spooler on the print server. Therefore, the file does not print. Frequently, you can resolve this problem by installing the driver from the operating system CD.

at respect of error 1801 in URL: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/186488/en-us

Terminal Server Error Messages: 1800 to 1999
Error 1801 The printer name is invalid.

at respect also of Event ID 61XX on explains in

Cause: This problem occurs when you do not specify the full path of the file you are printing to. If a file is specified as filename.prn, the file will be created in the %Systemroot%\System32 folder. Various users will have different rights to this folder. If you print to a file that is located in this folder, you may receive an "ACCESS_DENIED" error message. In this
case, if you continue to write jobs to this same file, the spooler continues to try to print the job. This scenario can exhaust page-pooled memory and cause your computer to stop responding.

Error 2) Document can't print for the error process GDI/Driver (Event ID 45)

errors 1 and 2 come together in this order for each printing wrong request nearly ever in computers with w2k3. I setup print drivers in a PC client without succes. What happen? Any Idea to explain the situation and find any solution to my print problems? Thanks

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