Cry for help, here.

I had and have a working DSL internet connection. It works if connected only through the modem.

I just bought and set up an Encore wired router (ENRTR-104). It appears that the internet connection works, but I can't get a web browser to work. I tried IE and Firefox. I tried different combos of security. Windows firewall is turned off. Pinging the router is successful. I'm going to try pinging a website after posting this. Tried powering down and back up (router, modem, then pc). Settings are on DHCP (or whatever the acronym for dynamic IP deal)

As you can see, I've done a little research, but to no avail. This is my first experience with a wired router and I knew almost nothing before.

Anyone have any ideas. What info did I leave out?

Many thanks.

EDIT: Tried to ping and Didn't work. Sorry, I guess I don't have a working internet connection through the router.

Hi Esmith,

First I'd check the cabling - make sure you have:
Phone port -> modem -> router -> desktop.

If anywhere from router to the phone line isn't connected properly, you won't have internet, but will still be able to ping the router.

Also make sure your router and modem both have power and that you haven't knocked a cord out or left a switch off.

Next, check you have the correct DSL settings from your Internet Service Provider in your router (username and password). Are you able to log into your router?

If that doesn't fix it I'd start checking IP addresses and subnets but let me know.


Chris Fry

if you are sure that the internet settings in the router are correct and are working, try to ping (one of's IPs)
if that works - you need to manually set up the DNS on the workstations

Thanks for the two replies.

I figured it out, thru chats with my ISP. Found out I had to set my modem to "Bridge mode" and config as PPOE.