lol jus kiddin but if he does try thats it his neck is mine :P

someone's really mad at me... :D

this weekend i saw what i consider the worst money i've ever spent in renting movies... "Reno 911: Miami - The Movie"

it's the stupidest thing ever...

the worst movie i spent money in was .............are we done yet the stupidest movie ever meaningless MEANINGLESS

the movie name is (are we done yet?) the one that ice cube is the star of the movie didn't you see it or what?

nope... didn't see it...

i know i've said it several times... but my favorite movies are those from Happy Madison... "The Benchwarmers", "Joe Dirt", "The Master of Disguise"

:| that is weird i never saw this classical movies i don't even like it i prefer action and comedy did you ever see HALF BAKED man that is funny :D

300 is the best movie ever. Seriously.

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and try to see it.
If it turns out to be a `lemon' I will never listen to you again. :icon_smile:

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and try to see it.
If it turns out to be a `lemon' I will never listen to you again. :icon_smile:

Hehe. Don't worry I'm sure you'll like it.
I didn't think I would... because I'm not really interested with war and stuff, but it was honestly one of the best movies I've ever seen. :)

nope... didn't see it either...

i saw it and it is not bad at all but i liked the idea when he was optimistic and said: (it was an honor living next to u ) then he dies :D:D:D:D

i don't remember i saw like 5 months or like it so i don't remember it pretty well

i wanted to see it... guess i'll have to rent it...

there's a lot of movies i should rent...

i'm also threatened by my girlfriend of having a "Julia Roberts Movie-Date"... i'm soo scared...

lol why are you so afraid of your girlfriend i just noticed that anybody here is afraid of his girlfriend , why is that so?

i'm not afraid of her... i'm afraid of being forced to watch Julia Roberts for a whole day... :D

Lol... I make my boyfriend watch "The Notebook" all the time. =)

lol my girlfriend (which i am not rude to her :P) we never force each other to watch a certain movie , it just happens that we like the same movies :)

Well he's not really forced, I just ask him to even though I know he probably won't like it.

You have a girlfriend?

I wish i had a girlfriend :(

I wish i had a girlfriend :(


lol i wish it were that easy...
im too young for ebay anyway else i would be buying laods of computers there

yeah i do and what is that supposed to mean ???????????? :\

and jbennet don't worry my friend you will find one soon perfect for you just go to the smart girls i bet they will like you cause you are smart too you know just try your luck with the brainiacs ok man

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