Hi there,

I am a post graduate in Mathematics.. The PG program offered specialization in Computer Science. With this background, I worked for a software company and have 2 yrs of experience(with programming in VB, ASP and the database server administration)added to my resume. Due to many personal reasons, i took off from my job and there's a break of almost 4 years. Now, if i want to pursue my career in IT, will that be advisable ? Or doing any Certification Course in the latest technology would give enough weightage to my resume and land me on some job ? I need some advice from anyone of you there !..

Thanks in Advance..

When you say you want to pursue IT... do you mean as programmer? As a Project Manager?

As a programmer, you will just want to continue learning and get more experience under your belt. You say you already have 2 years with VB and ASP...why don't you take that experience and teach yourself at least vb.net to make yourself more competitive as classic ASP is going the way of the Dinosaurs. Or, make a leap and learn c# (i prefer over vb.net).