I opened my PC to find out manufacturer, model and version of my motherboard because I unfortunately don't get the code at the lower left hand of my screen during start up (the warranty is up anyway). Anyway, the problem I'm having now is starting up. When I hit the start button, it starts and stop every 1 or 2 seconds. The only bad thing that was done when I opened it was my brother touched a chip with a piece of metal. Could that be the cause of start up failure? Thanks for any input.

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Hello there NacalEngr.

Well touching a chip with a peice of metal could cause damage due to the static eclectricity that could have been stored up from your brother. but lets try a these few steps.

1.Check your computer to make sure that everything is securly closed up.(Try to start)
2.Open it up to make sure all the power cords are where they are supose to be and that they are not lose.(Try to start)
3. Pull out your CMOS batter for a bout 30 mins to let the bios reset.(Try to start)

If none of these work let me know


Please let me know if your Power LED's light on or not.


also check your SMPS fan starts or not.

Provide me the required info so that I can Try to help u out of the trouble.


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