Hi people. I've browsed these forums quite a bit, and found some handy help in here, although I've seen a few old posts that wound me up a little as the help was useless (reformat & start again). Should be a last option, unless you got nothing worth saving, and don't tweak your windows, to suit your needs.

I'm a Network Administrator for a private school, and a Webmaster of several websites in my own time. My own website is just a testing ground at the moment for various CMS systems (PHP mainly) but I dabble a little with flash. I also manage a clan website, and the servers that go with it.

I've been using computers since I picked up a Commadore Vic20 and a few Spectrums at bootfairs (1980's) and have been hooked on the things since. I am familiar in all kinds of software and OS's, so hopefully be of some use to you lot.

Anyway, I thought it would only be courteous to say hello to you lot. Like I said. Hopefully I'll be of some use to you all.

Hi Adrian, welcome to DaniWeb.

No problem. It's fine in the signature, but we try to keep own site URLs out of the postings themselves.