Hi people. I've browsed these forums quite a bit, and found some handy help in here, although I've seen a few old posts that wound me up a little as the help was useless (reformat & start again). Should be a last option, unless you got nothing worth saving, and don't tweak your windows, to suit your needs.

I'm a Network Administrator for a private school, and a Webmaster of several websites in my own time. My own website is just a testing ground at the moment for various CMS systems (PHP mainly) but I dabble a little with flash. I also manage a clan website, and the servers that go with it.

I've been using computers since I picked up a Commadore Vic20 and a few Spectrums at bootfairs (1980's) and have been hooked on the things since. I am familiar in all kinds of software and OS's, so hopefully be of some use to you lot.

Anyway, I thought it would only be courteous to say hello to you lot. Like I said. Hopefully I'll be of some use to you all.

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