Dear all,

Can anyone here help me to connect my server 2003 to the internet. After a fresh installation, I was be able to connect windows server 2003 to internet initially, but later, I don't know what I did, it couldn't connect to the intenet at all. Everytime when I type in www.google.com, the browser keep showing connecting to www.www.google.com.com which really frustrates me. Don't know what is the cause of it. I am completely new to the windows server 2003. if any one could help, I would be very much grateful.


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have u solved this problem. Would u share with me please.. i have the same problem here.. thanks.


are you using the win2003 as desktop?

what we need to know:
how exactly are you connecting to the internet?
ipconfig /all
server usage - installed and running services


Problem solved.. i just adding gateway ip into dns server list. Thanx.

I am new to this as well. Could you provide a little more detail. I need to know if you are running your server as a dns server, or do you mean adding the gateway ip to the network configuration, where you add the servers ip, subnet mask, gateway etc...Just want to be clear on how you solved it, since I am having the exact same problem.

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