I have just found my old 98 and would like it to connect to my wireless internet running in my house ( with a modem, Westell model 327W, connected to my XP [the internet works fine here]). I bought an adapter from Linksys (Wireless - G (802.11g) PCI Adapter) which I had installed which is supposed to wirelessly connect to my internet. I have installed all included software. I rebooted. I have tried everything; the computer was made January 21, 1999. Before Wi-Fi. So, when I try to connect to a wireless connection, it keeps asking for a phone number for dial up. I have tried everything from putting in my actual phone number to manually putting in my IP address. Nothing works. Help please!


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Simple answer : you cant do it very easialy using anything less than XP SP2

Better answer: You dont use windows own configuration tools. They arent for wireless. You need to use the manufactures software to configure the card (if they have any available for windows 98)

Hi Dude

I have tried a number of wireless adaptors with W98 and failed, even with W98 Second edition. I don't try for longer than 10 minutes anymore.

I'll be surprised if you get it to work.

If you want to connect to internet use a cable to connect to router, not wireless, but make sure it is second edition.


argg...my router is downstairs and my 98 is upstairs...I did install the software for my Linksys...didn't work....ahhhhhhhhhh!

Can anyone help us please?! Trying to get a Linksy's wireless router to work with a Windows XP computer and a Windows ME computer. Cox cable got it to work, used code in "run" ... then the ME crashed (not related to wireless router), now only one computer can be connected at a time to the internet. Cox doesn't support Windows ME any longer, so we are frustrated and up a tree. Does anyone know the code we need to put in the computers? Oh, I hope, so much.

Cox ?

Yeah...screw this, I got a Mac so of course everything's fine now :)

The big problem is windows 98 is no longer supported, and I don't think windows 98 was ever intended to work with wireless internet, that being said if you're savvy enough, I know nothing about wireless internet unfortunately, you can likely work something out using the manual you get with the installation software. But anyways you got a mac now, could you set this thread as solved.

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