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Al Jazeera is indeed bad. They're called the Osama News Network for a reason...

The reason that they are called Osama news network is because of the demonizing that goes on in our media about it. The same way that Osama has been presented as the bad guy. Al Jazeera simply tells it from a different point of veiw to the americans and quite often more accurately then the watered down media that we are seeing more and more these days. The only reason that you believe Al Jazeera is bad is because thats what you have been told or led to believe by our media and our government picking out the worst elements in something and showing them over and over again until we start to forget that these people are humans aswell.

Aljazeera is simply showing what they believe to be right and to be honest i think they are probably closer to the truth in what they present then the crap that we are getting force fed.


I find jwenting's comment disgustingly uninformed, he (or she) did obviously not listen to the interview, but just mouthed off a typical O'Reiley line!

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