I've just installed vbulletin 3.6.7 about a month ago, and am an admin on a small forum. I performed the backup of the phpbb board we were on, and the install and import into vbulletin. 
My background is completely technical and computer related (electronics, building/maintaining PC's, Novell CNE way back, network tech, CS Degree). Over the past 2-3 years I've been really working on weaning myself completely off of Windows and switching to Linux & Open/Free BSD. 
My question is this: I'd really like to become competent and learn to support my own forum and systems. 
I learned several programming languages a long time ago, but now I'm faced with PHP, MySql, CSS, XHTML, and on. 
Are ANY of these companies that offer online training for $30/mo worth 
even considering ??  I really, really need help with PHP & MySql, to name just a few.....
Thanks, any constructive comments appreciated !!

$30 a month may pay for a single person for about half an hour (depending on how much they get paid, but if they're good they'll get decent pay...)
And that's without covering for the cost of infrastructure, study material, etc. so you'd better consider that only about $10 goes to paying that person.

So you're looking at companies that assign a human to each student for an average of 10 minutes per month.
I don't know, but that doesn't seem like a way to teach someone.
10 minutes per month to process your questions and homework, answer support calls, process your payment, mail you courseware, etc. etc. isn't a lot.

And those 10 minutes are assuming they're not into the profit making business...

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