Hello all, I am beginner in programming. I know the basic concepts of c & c++. While talking about theory I can able to understand the concepts but if I need to write programs I am struggling to even think the concepts. I have completed Bachelor degree in computerscience, I have also completed Master degree in Information technology, but I did it by correspondence. I am struggling to enter into IT field, I dont know wat to do next, is there anyone to help me in this forum.

On the 1st place,how did you graduated Master's degree when you don't even know how to write a program?Anyway,no offense if you are familiar with C++ then I would recommend you to learn PHP. It is a C++ like language for the web.Many tutorials in the net and very easy to learn..Gud luck...

IT has majors and minors, it is possible to do very little programming. Computer science is more so based on system architecture.

All I can say sasikala123 is practice makes perfect.

Perhaps try getting a job with an IT/software development firm as tech support and work your way up the rungs

please dont mind if my reply not made u happy.
my position is also same.Iam graduate in civil engineering and working in ap state gov . Please let me know what to learn to make my self enter in IT field. my mail ID godugu_1972@yahoo.co.in
- Thank u