It vaguely reminds me of a recent incident on DaniWeb IRC. But I thought news sites had better things to do than glorify little whiney babies throwing temper tantrums.

This was posted in another forum I belong to...At first when I saw it I wasn't sure whether it was guy or a gal...I finally spotted the adams apple and figgered it out...I actually looked at a couple of It's other videos and realized what an ignorant idiot this thing is...Yet, I can understand what a hit It would be with the rest of the ignorant masses...

What an idiot. Does he not understand that celebrities are the refuse of democracy and free speech? (an unfortunete by product)

Oh and whats this daniweb irc incident you speak of?

Yeah it was pretty stupid.

Is that a faggot, cos I can see the stubble. Either way it was unpleasant to watch.

I think he? got on the late night talk shows also....Good grief!

yeah, it's a mahu (Hawaiian slang)...I actually (shuddering even thinking about it) went to It's profile page on youtube...It's name is Chris Crocker...

...It's name is Chris Crocker...


I love that video! Funniest thing i've seen in ages.

Am I the only one who knew it was a guy? Gay, sure but still a guy.


Spitney Beerrs?