I have started studying web design field recently and want to become a professional web designer in the future, so www.andreyknure.narod.ru is my first web page. Links are the most important details at this page, however, my users don't click on them when visiting my web page. How can I make them more attractive? Please, help me with all possible suggestions and advices!

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Hi 3DProf4online, you have a great start on your site. In 2002 i looked into this very same question you ask, and i looked into it deeply. I did learn that while links are good on a site, surffers tend to click on buttons, and banners more then links. Why this is i have know idea. But i thought about that when i just now realized the very first thing i clicked on at your site was the narod.ru, because it had a image with it. Odd as that may sound, it's true.

Also i notice with your links the top 5 links go to the same site, and page, so i would say once surffers click on the first two links, and see they go to the same place, they are done clicking there. Just something i felt. I only continued clicking to see if there would be anything different. Maybe if it fits into your site, try some cool buttons, or banners. If not try and mix your links up so at least the first two aren't going to the same place. Hope this help a little. Please have a great night. Patty...

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