Hi everyone - Im computerlady@eutawville

I own and operate a small business repairing, building, upgrading computers. I have been involved in computers since I took keypunch training (Dating myself there LOL)

I joined this forum because I come across some REALLY unusual problems and crawl the web looking for answers. If anyone has a problem that I know how to work around or solve, I am always glad to help.

I also volunteer teach basic and advanced computer skills for my church. Most of my students are 60 - 90 years old and eager to learn. We are soon to start a lecture series for people to just join on a Saturday for coffee and computer discussions. I am very excited about that!!!!! I also volunteer my time and skills to the local rehab for women donating my skills to keep their computers up and running smoothly.

In case you are wondering --------------- YES I do have another job that supports my computer habits.

More about me
Red hair (currently) - Subject to change at any moment
Love animals in addition to computers
Family consists of hubby, 5 dogs, 3 horses, about 40 chickens, 2 hogs and a cat (cat rules the roost of course)
Live on a mini farm in South Carolina and love the peace and quiet of the country

Welcome to DaniWeb animal loving computerlady...

Welcome! That mini farm sounds like a great place to live.

Hi, I am also a new comer. I need a friend for discussing about IT. I hope you are happy be my friend

Best Regards