hey so i saw the intro bits at the top nd actually mabye thats not such a bad way of introducing myself.

Name: andrew
nick names: Archie, andy, drew, arch
Height: 6:0 (ish last time i checked)
Weight: err iuno light
Hair: what ever color was in that bottel over there (no but seriously i hate my natural color nd rarely have it)
eyes: blue (coz im a cutie) lol
location: bangor
age: 20
hobbies: well computing (i know obvious but i like all of it), anime, cards, rp, puzzels, poi, gymnastics, squash, chocolate etc

fav music: err not a lot 2 tie down here i try not to notice artists so im not tied down by i hate that band there *&65 -expleative- (as i discovered even bands such as busted can make awsome music 3am ^_^) but im starting 2 see a pattern in taste so sufice it to say i like rock metally type music, clasical, and some stuff inbetween.

Relationship Status: err what u call it when ur going out (that right there)

education; current Cs undergraduate

Work: what i finds i keeps (no seriously its what ever i can get when im not at uni)

Favorite Food: anything i didnt cook (no seriously)

likes and disslikes ill leave for now coz im not always 100% sure myself but generaly i like easy going nice ppl (just like most other people) and disslike bossy angry ppl that are mean

Hi Andrew, welcome to DaniWeb. A small word of advice though, please stop with the txt speak. The rules here ask for professional English to enable all visitors to understand what they are reading.

Sorry if that adds me to your bossy people who are mean list :)

hey yeah sorry i find it hard flicking from msn talk to 'correct' english quickly ill try harder from now on ^_^ *hehe some one called me cutie im alll of a diver*

ps excuse the occasional spell error or wrong word im disslexic and can't spell ^_^