Anand Wishes to all of Indians and DaniWeb Family....:)
And Happy New Year in Advanced...:)

Anand Khatri


we have a lot of nepalese people where I live and one of them i know in college mentioned it to me but i didnt know what it was, so thanks for explaining


Today night we will fire crackers whole night (ahh i hate polution), but will not participate to fire crackers....just i will enjoy today's night.

Happy Diwali to all the members of Daniweb. Wishing you all a shining and prosperous year ahead. :)


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Thanks S.O.S and Happy New Year..

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The description sounds like its a very nice celebration, but I'm a little werry about the above statement. There's a lot of people in this world that are just plain evil to the bone.

Let the evil people have their own holiday and celebration! I like Diwali a lot better!

Today (26-Oct-2011) is Diwali celebration...I wish all Indian and every members of DaniWeb family a Happy Diwali and a Happy New Year...have a blast and be safe :)

Indeed; Happy Diwali to all the Daniweb members out there! :)