which is your processor?


What space are you giving to Fedora?

about 10 GB

Do you know the speciality of Fedora?

I have heard that it has 3-D cubical desktop.

ya ,of course,it does has a 3D desktop which makes it different from others.
We can even make the open windows dance as we wanted.

ohh,,thats cool..

the installation completed,and the CD drive came open.What to do now?

Take the DVD out from the ROM and the click on the reboot option.This will restart the system.

ok, now there came an option to select one from the windows and Fedora.

Select Fedora if you want to run it now.

I selected Fedora.
the booting started and ended by asking localhost login.
What is it?
I have given a root password once.
But I haven't given a login name.
What to do now?

Fill the login id as "root".Root is a default ID,I think.
now type the password.

Nothing comes when I type the localhost login password.Help me.

Just type the correct password.
It is a property of Linux to hide the typing password.
While you are typing,your password is accepted without showing it.

Ok now comes another problem.
something like this happens when I enter may password.
What to do?

type "startx" there.It will lead you to the Fedora screen.

thankz brother.
Here starts my Fedora.
really thanking u.

Itz my pleasure.
anyway ,enjoy Fedora.
Encourage Freeware.

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