My name's John Ravenscroft and I'm a freelance writer based in the UK.

Got a website here if you can bear to look.

I stumbled across DaniWeb when I was looking for general computer help - I fixed a few very basic problems for people who live nearby, and now they're under the false impression that I know everything about computers.

I wish!

Despite my ignorance, I've started getting lots of 'Help Me!' requests from friends of friends, so I thought I'd better learn a little more about Windows in particular and IT in general.

So here I am.

At 53, I'd be willing to bet I'm a lot older that most of the people here - but don't hold that against me. The world turns, and however unlikely it seems, you'll get there too one of these days. The worst part is going shopping, seeing someone on the CCTV, thinking 'who's that old guy?' - then realising it's you.

Anyway - nice to be here and I look forward to getting to know some new people. Expect some pretty basic questions in the days to come.

Cheers, and thanks in advance for your help.


Theres a few of us from the UK here so we arent alone ;)

and we have a few people in the 60+ age range so your not alone there either

welcome to daniweb!

Thanks for the welcome, James.

Glad I'm not the only guy on the forum covered in cobwebs. (Not you, of course. I see you're only 17.)

I remember 17...


:) stay a while and youll get to know the regulars soon enough

we have a nice mix of on topic and off-topic debate here